My Vehicle

"I started my own online business with a community that cares enough to help you thrive & succeed."

True success and fulfillment starts from within. SFM/Digital Experts Academy is a business community that helps you to find your own value and in finding a way to realize your dream. SFM/Digital Experts Academy has given me the education to start my own online business in combination with inner growth, for you will only be successful when your mindset is ready for success too. If you haven't been able to do it up till now on your own, let me crash your bubble... it's not going to happen!

Just take your first step into the unknown.... scary.. but you can do it too. I did it before you. You need to work on your core beliefs, your negative thoughts and behavioral patterns and grow your confidence by being out of your comfort zone. You will need to fail, lot's of times... to get up again. It's impossible without support. You need to be heard, to feel the connection, to be inspirated. You absolutely need other points of views and you need to grow a healthy winner mindset. I've been through the trenches and it was tough at times. But because of this business system, the people in the community and my coaches, I was able to get this far. Know there are many vehicles out there and this is just one of them. This is mine.

"I did it!​ So You Can Too!" : Sietske Cuhfus

I am still walking the walk, but with one difference: I believe I can do it now. I've found my deepest drive within: raise consciousness to help women embrace their authenticity and own their power, so together we can change the world for our children. And my deepest need: to own it. I am owning my own power by helping you to own it too. I am able to express this through my magazine. 

I am also offering a Business with love Guide for DIY-entrepreneurship with information and resources I found very helpful along my own journey. My self published magazine Ownit is also a source of inspiration for you to reclaim your power. Or my program where I can assist you in your journey to success and fulfillment. It features a lot of women who are in the trenches, doing what they love and making a difference for others while doing that.

Let Stuart & Jay inspire you to start your own business & create a life of purpose & meaning.

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True Success is An Inside Job

Find your value, to bring value. True success is a journey within. 

Genuine Community

Truly genuine business community with true leaders with a bold vision. 

Stuart & Jay, the community, support and coaches are all here to help you bring out the best in you.

PS. Personal coaching is not available for affiliates (SFM). Only for Digital Experts Academy members.​ I will be there for you as your guide.

The Mission

The mission of the company I love is to offer the rare combination of a business online marketing education, opportunity and personal development element.

Sietske has been a big inspiration to a lot of our members. Her journey with SFM/DEA has been longer than average, but she persisted and got what she came for: true fulfillment and the belief in her self, so she now can make her magazine a success, influencing and helping a lot of women around the world to own their power. She's a product of the product.

Jill Humphreys Team member SFM/DEA

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