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Hi there I am so glad you are joining me here today. That's for a reason as I've found that when you pay attention, when you are following the signs, you will find your way to own it, to do what you are here to do. So let's connect. Set up a 15 minute power meeting if you like and connect. No strings attached. I will just listen.

My Story

I believe women are needed to change the world. To give our children a future in a different world we need to become conscious and learn how to own and use the power within. Our feminine qualities, our care and love, our responsibility, and our capacity to see things as a whole are vital to our planet. 

Unfortunately, a lot of women are still holding themselves back. Imprisoned by a feeling of not feeling enough or scared to do it alone. They are frantically looking for a way to express themselves, to find their purpose, and maybe hesitating to even start, or not having the confidence to push through.  

Actually that is my story.... All my life I've been searching. I felt I was meant for so much more, as we all do, but I was not able to free myself from my fears. 

Pushing through these barriers, with the help of a community and coaches, I found the most important thing for me in live is: 'connecting & creativity'. I just love to connect with people, to connect people to others, to connect things or ideas, to connect processes, to connect the rational world to the creative world, to connect people with difficult information by making it understandable, to connect people with ideas (by sharing those ideas), and freely expressing my voice and creativity.  

I looked for a way to express myself, my ideas, my creativity, my experience, my growth, so I could learn to see myself, and truly own it. In May 2017 I started a digital magazine 'Ownit', learning by doing and building my confidence along the way, to eventually own it myself, while sharing stories of other women, who own it their way. I featured Mel Robbins, Barbara Huson (former Barbara Stanny), Marie Forleo, Lisa Nichols and a few less famous women.

If you are a creative, conscious woman and you feel a bit like me? I want you to know, you can do it! You can learn to live with your fears! You can make your dream happen. You can have peace of mind. You can work and be fulfilled. You can feel more confident. It's a matter of find your X-factor first and learn to own it your way by taking the first step... and another... and another... There is no one like you! We need your unique gift for one by one we are changing the world.  

I started a digital magazine called Ownit in May 2017. Visit my website and download the app on your mobile (January 12, 2019 my new concept will come out)

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I started my business with this caring community and teachers.

Let my mentors Stuart & Jay inspire you to start your own business & create a life of purpose and meaning. Discover how to start a profitable business from scratch.

You Own It Your Way

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